Staircase London – Install Pics

Staircase London.

A few ‘just installed’ pictures of a project of 4 x model 500 bespoke staircases in central London.  I took these on a visit earlier this week after a pig of a drive!

All 4 flights were supplied for the one dwelling in Belgravia, and a stunning dwelling it is too!  We had three 3 quarter turn staircases directly one above another connecting ground to first to second floors.  The forth flight was a half turn connecting the ground and first floors towards the front of property.  Frameless glass balustrade was supplied and fitted to all staircases and across the landing levels. Currently protected whilst the build completes are the 100mm solid Oak treads – with a white wax finish.  I cant wait to see the finished pictures of  ‘staircase london’ – stay posted.



Mountain Spiral Staircase 4

One large Spiral Staircase.

Here at Complete Stair Systems we have a real passion for all things stair related.  

From outrageous designs to quirky sculptures, in our eyes each bespoke stair is a piece of art – whether we have produced it or not.

As a weekly feature we are going to prepare and publish a number of unusual and interesting staircase photos from around the world –  – starting with this beauty in China.  

Mountain Spiral Staircase 3

In an attempt to boost tourist numbers in Taihang, officials decided to add a 300ft large spiral staircase to the side of a mountain for direct access to the summit and to the stunning views upon assent.  Certainly not for the faint hearted ……….either to design the thing or to use it.  I gather there is a good few feet lateral movement when the wind blows strong – which is fairly frequent at this altitude!!

Apparently visitors are requested to sign a form before assent confirming they have no heart or lung health issues – and no-one over 60 is permitted.  

Mountain Spiral Staircase 2  Mountain Spiral Staircase 5

A magnificent piece of engineering – I would love to have seen the fitting sequence.  Goodness – have a look at that centre column!

Mike Edwards

Welcome Mike!


We would like to welcome Mike to the Complete Stair Systems team as our new Staircase technical sales person.

Although not exactly breaking news  ( as he started in September)  – no newbie can escape having their presence announced and their photo plastered on the internet!

Mike has an impressive customer service background with a heap of technical knowledge that has already proved to be beneficial – he has already secured two bespoke staircase orders.

Mike Edwards can be contacted on 01794 522444 and

New Staircase Brochure


Our new staircase brochure is finally here!!

28 pages packed full of  inspirational staircase pictures for your new build or refurb.

Please contact us for your copy-
or call 01794 522444.

Of course you can download from the image below –

New Staircase Brochure