Wooden Spiral Stairs


Wooden Spiral Stairs

Wooden spiral stairs can be a wonderful addition to any home.  Timber is a timeless and warm natural material that has been used for centuries creating furniture.  In the UK, most staircases are constructed in softwood timber and in more recent times, even MFD and plywood.  For strength and longevity, we supply all our wooden spiral staircases in solid hardwood.   This is supplied in laminated blocks, bonded together against the grain for strength and durability.

The most common and popular timbers are detailed below –


A light pale straw like timber with a pink or brown tint.  A very adaptable wood with a quite grain which is very hardwearing.  Widely available so the most economically priced hardwood we offer.



A luxurious timber, light or brown colour in appearance with streaks of deeper brown swirls.  It is a resilient timber, very heavy and with good resistance to shrinking.  Can be a little scarce so it commands a higher price.



Our most popular timber with clients looking to match oak doors and floors.  It is a mid / light brown colour with a prominent grain and is dense and strong and has been used for centuries in stair production.



The maple we use is very light in appearance with a creamy feel.  Colour is between off white and light brown /and pink. It tends to have a swirly grain giving it a unique character.



Ash is a very hard timber very light with yellow and pink hues.  It has quite a contrasting grain which stands out which make it a striking wood to choose.



The timber is generally supplied on spirals fully finished either in a satin lacquer or oiled.  We do offer a selection of tinted stains which can transform the appearance of the timber.  These choices vary from model to model, but we find many of our clients are choosing to have their contractor carry out the final finishing.  A quick google search or a visit to your local B & Q will show you the vast number of stains, oils, lacquer, and timber paints now available off-the -shelf that are easy to apply.  These often provide clients with the opportunity to match flooring and surrounding furniture.


The thickness of the treads we supply varies from model to model but are always solid laminated blocks. The cantilever spiral staircase has a tread thickness of between 40-50mm depending on the diameter of the spiral and the timber we supply on a ‘steel tray’ spirals is 30mm.


When choosing a timber handrail on our wooden spiral staircases it will be either 40mm or 50mm in diameter.  This is created gradually over time using strips of solid timber and bonded and then twisted into shape.  On our custom-made model 71 spiral for example it is made in one continuous piece

A wooden spiral staircase would be a spectacular addition to any home whether it is the main stair in the house or a secondary flight accessing a mezzanine floor or loft.

We offer several wooden spiral staircases in both kit and custom-made form.  Each has different elements of timber.  Some can be all timber whilst others are a combination of steel and timber.   These are supplied in various diameters from 1100 – 2200mm.  Select a model below and request a quote.

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