Custom Made Spiral Staircase

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Custom Made Spiral Staircase

Our custom made spiral staircases are our most versatile spiral stair offering the most option of materials and finishes.  Each model produced is 100% unique, made precisely for the height, diameter and rotation required for the setting.  Clients are able to personalise the treads, the balustrade type, the handrail and the finish to create their ideal feature spiral.

This spiral staircase is for internal setting and suitable for all domestic scenarios and small and medium sized commercial applications.

Each spiral is constructed using a single steel centre column with steel tapered treads arms bolted to the side.  A top platform is generally located at the top level with the finished floor.

Full technical drawings are prepared for each model to ensure the correct rotation and height and manufacture takes around 8-9 weeks from drawing approval.

1100mm 1200mm 1300mm 1400mm 1500mm 1600mm 1700mm 1800mm 1900mm 2000mm 2100mm 2200mm

Custom Made Diameters

Choice of Materials

This spiral stair truly offers a ‘fully customised’ option a huge number of different material options.  The base structure of steel centre column and steel tread arms remains the same but is then personalised to the client’s materials selections.   You will see how different each model can appear in he gallery below.

Tread Options and Finishes

The tapered steel tread are can be supplied with various steel plates welded on the top or left completely flat for either a timber tread or a custom infill such as carpet or vinyl.  This tread plate can even be shaped to provide a frame for a laminated glass tread.  Timber treads are generally supplied 30mm thick and varnished or oiled.  The steelwork is either factory powder coated, galvanised or primed for on site painting.

Handrails to choose from

  • 40mm diameter wood
  • 42mm diameter stainless steel (brushed or polished)
  • 42mm diameter steel

Centre Column finishes

  • Powder Coated to any RAL colour
  • Factory primed for on site / off site finishing
  • Galvanised

Balustrade Infill Options

For safety and to support the handrail there needs to be an infill between the step and the handrail to prevent falling.  There are several options for this which can dramatically alter the appearance of the spiral and these are shown below.   It should be noted that the horizontal bars are generally not permitted by building control being considered climbable.

Further Options

Being a bespoke product there are a few more options to consider to enhance the spiral staircase

External stringer

An external stringer is a piece of steel that wraps around the perimeter of the spiral, covering the edge of the treads.  It added a swooping, twisting feel to the flight.  This is either supplied as a structural 8mm piece of mid steel which is bolted directly to the treads or a 1.5mm steel cover piece which gives a similar appearance but it less cost.

Centre column handrail

A centre column handrail is required on all commercial spiral staircases and is an option on all others.  It is quite useful as one tends to use an inner handrail more when ascending the spiral stair.

Closed Risers

Whilst one of the main features of spiral stairs are their light and open design with open risers, the location of the spiral might require them closed.  This of course is sometimes out of personal preference.

Non Slip infills

In some commercial settings there should really be a non slip effect to the treads.  This gives confidence to users who are unfamiliar with the stair and they also form a contrast to the rest of the step to making the front more visible.

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