Bespoke Staircase Kingston

Our client was replacing an existing ‘standard’ staircase with a bright, modern flight as part of this refurbishment.  As the stair was in front of the entrance, our customer was keen to allow as mush light as possible into the hallway.  We selected the model 500 staircase in a straight flight (to match the existing) and chose glass balustrade down the one side.  Interestingly, our client wants to have a floating feel to the flight so embedded the wall stringer into the wall, then plastered up to the treads, creating a stunning effect.  60mm solid oak treads were selected and the visable stringer was supplied in brushed stainless steel.

Floating Staircase

The Model 500 staircase is a modern, bespoke domestic staircase.

The structure consists of 10mm steel stringers either side of hardwood treads with newel posts or glass bolted directly into the side of the stringer. The Model 500 modern staircase can be purchased as a straight flight, quarter turn or half turn with the 90 degree and180 degree turns formed with winding treads or platforms.

The stringers to each side are laser cut to form various different shapes. A zig zag top and bottom low profile stringer is very popular, as is the flat bottom and zig zag top option. There is also the option to have a plate stringer – with a flat, straight top and bottom. These stringers are powder coated any RAL colour or supplied brushed or polished stainless steel.

Treads :-

  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Walnut

Treads are either supplied matt varnished, oiled or stained.

To keep the flight open and light whilst adhering with the 100mm gap rule – there are the following solutions:-

  • ·         Steel Riser Bars
  • ·         L shaped treads with timber downstand
  • ·         Half glass or Acrylic Riser pieces
  • ·         Full Glass or Acrylic Risers
  • ·         Full closed risers with timber

The balustrade itself is in-filled by either :-

  • Vertical Stainless Steel Spindles
  • Horizontal stainless steel rails
  • Framed Glass infill panels with stainless newels
  • Frameless Glass Panels bolted directly to the side of the stringer
  • Perforated Steel panels with stainless newels

Each Model 500 staircase supplied is unique.  The riser height, pitch angle and going depth are created specifically to suit the opening, staircase configuration and floor to floor height of the project.   Each model is ‘dry’ fitted in the factory before dispatch to ensure all parts fit together.

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Bespoke Staircase Kingston- Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 2610mm
Risers 13 @ 200.7mm
Staircase Width 800mm
Staircase Stringers
zig zag top and bottom
Staircase Treads 60mm Oak
Balustrade Type glass infill panels with Stainless Posts
Handrail 50mm Ø Oak
Riser Infill
Finish of Steel Brushed Stainless Steel
Additional Landing balustrade supplied

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Comment on Bespoke Staircase Kingston from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Project Manager

"Having the stringer embedded into the wall looked great on this staircase. When plastering, our client packed the treads with 3mm ply on all sides. When plastering was complete, the ply was removed and some silicon was inserted into the 3mm gap to allow a small degree of movement"

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