The Living Staircase

The Living Staircase designed by Paul Cocksedge.

Complete Stair Systems have long been preaching that a staircase is not simply a structure to provide  access to an upper level but an opportunity to make a stunning statement.  A custom made staircase specifically designed for the immediate environment and the individual user is exactly what we strive to achieve.   A staircase that actually enhances your living experience.

The pictures featured show a design concept helical staircase from designer Paul Cocksedge.  He was commissioned to design a central feature for a state-of-the-art new office development in Soho, London.  He realised that removing the centre column from a spiral staircase  would create a large circular void in the middle and he came up with the idea of filling this space with platforms which would act as ‘social places’ for staff to congregate.

“The Living Staircase is actually a combination of staircase and room, of movement and stillness, vertical and horizontal”, said Cocksedge.  “At every turn there is an opportunity to stop and look, smell, read, write, talk, meet, think, and rest. If a staircase is essentially about going from A to B, there is now a whole world living and breathing in the space between the two,” he added.

Well, hats off to you Paul for a truly inspiration design – we might sneak a trip up to Soho ourselves to take a peak when its built.


Sorry – no – we cant offer this I’m afraid.  It is a tad too bespoke for us.  You can however have a look at our conventional spiral staircases and send us an enquiry for a price.



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