Mountain Spiral Staircase 4

One large Spiral Staircase.

Here at Complete Stair Systems we have a real passion for all things stair related.  

From outrageous designs to quirky sculptures, in our eyes each bespoke stair is a piece of art – whether we have produced it or not.

As a weekly feature we are going to prepare and publish a number of unusual and interesting staircase photos from around the world –  – starting with this beauty in China.  

Mountain Spiral Staircase 3

In an attempt to boost tourist numbers in Taihang, officials decided to add a 300ft large spiral staircase to the side of a mountain for direct access to the summit and to the stunning views upon assent.  Certainly not for the faint hearted ……….either to design the thing or to use it.  I gather there is a good few feet lateral movement when the wind blows strong – which is fairly frequent at this altitude!!

Apparently visitors are requested to sign a form before assent confirming they have no heart or lung health issues – and no-one over 60 is permitted.  

Mountain Spiral Staircase 2  Mountain Spiral Staircase 5

A magnificent piece of engineering – I would love to have seen the fitting sequence.  Goodness – have a look at that centre column!

Mike Edwards

Welcome Mike!


We would like to welcome Mike to the Complete Stair Systems team as our new Staircase technical sales person.

Although not exactly breaking news  ( as he started in September)  – no newbie can escape having their presence announced and their photo plastered on the internet!

Mike has an impressive customer service background with a heap of technical knowledge that has already proved to be beneficial – he has already secured two bespoke staircase orders.

Mike Edwards can be contacted on 01794 522444 and

New Staircase Brochure


Our new staircase brochure is finally here!!

28 pages packed full of  inspirational staircase pictures for your new build or refurb.

Please contact us for your copy-
or call 01794 522444.

Of course you can download from the image below –

New Staircase Brochure



Grand Designs Day 1

Grand Designs Review

A short Grand Designs Review.  So there we are Grand Designs Live in Birmingham is all over for another year……..well it finished a week ago yesterday but we have been a litle snowed under.

Always tricky to judge how a show went early on but we parted with over 4000 brochures, 1000 rulers (the bored children gobbled them up) and countless USB sticks and business card.  We spoke to a lot of people and gathered enough info for over 120 quotations – so no time off for us in the near future……..

Regrouping now back at HQ with everyone focusing on dealing with enquiries that have filtered in while we were away and of course progressing the currrent orders.

Grand Designs Build Up

Grand Designs Day 1

Friday over and two days to go at the Grand Designs show.  Always a shock to have to stand all day as opposed to sitting on a comfy chair!

AM was a little crazy with a consistent stream of people flowing trhough the hall. The first few hours flew past as we spoke to 50-60 budding developers.

When the day was out we had shifted over half our stock of brochure which might mean a quick return trip back to Romsey on Saturday to pick up some more – I sure hope not.

All good fun though – keep posted and wish us luck tommorow….

Grand Designs Day 1

Grand Design Show – Build Up

Up bright a breazy ahead of the first day of the show today.

We gave ourselves 3 hours to errect the stand yesterday but as we had to parl a good MILE from the stand it took us 2 hours just to get the kit to the stand!  At 8pm yesterday we were done just when they were asking everyone to leave – Phew.  Tired and hungry we retired to the hotel for a meal and some shut eye.  What will today bring…………

Grand Designs Build Up

Eve of Grand Designs Show

Grand Designs 2013 – Birmingham

We have a stand at Grand Designs 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham and would love to see you there.

Stand B30 is the place to be to see our three modern spiral staircase displays and to pick up our latest brochure (still being printed).

4th-6th October – we will be there to talk about your project and designer staircase requirements.  We also are down to our last three free tickets which will be issued on a first-come-first served basis.  Sucessful or not – we look forward to seeing you there.

Grand Designs 2013 - Birmingham

Our New Website

So here we are, for the past two months we have been slaving away creating our new website.  Although we have more content to add we are happy with the selection of staircases we have displayed.  For the majority of the bespoke items we have categorised them per project with a pictures, description and specification breakdown of the specific job.  At the bottom of each ‘staircase project’ is a useful ‘contact us’ form which you can fill in to request a quotation for the featured staircase.

Obviously get in contact with any questions or comments you have about the site.  It is still in ‘Beta’ mode so there will be a few items to iron out over the coming months.