New Genius Stair Display

Our showroom is currently going through a bit of an update, and we’re excited to be welcoming a new stair display for you all to see – the newly redesigned Genius staircase in Oak! For the time being at least, we’ll have the only Oak display in the UK. We’ll also have one in beech if you’re in to that sort of thing.

In addition to these, we’ll have a new display box with samples of material options for the Genius (of which there are many!). You can see an example list of various Genius 030 options here.


New Arrivals

It’s always a big deal for us when a new member of the showroom family arrives. The last stair displays we added, two Model 71‘s (one in black, one in white), have been with us nearly a whole year and have been quite popular with visitors, mainly due to the fact that they’re both full sized stair display models!

If you’re interested to see what these displays look like in a ‘natural’ setting, you can see completed projects of the Model 71 here along with Genius (and other kit spirals) here.

Many more changes and additions to our showroom are still coming, and of course, we’ll update you all as and when it happens.

Contact us now to arrange a visit our showroom (drop ins welcome too!) by emailing us at or calling us on 01794 522 444.