We have a Winner of our Staircase photo competition!

With thanks to our avid facebook followers and our friends at Romsey Fotografix we have a winner and runner up in our staircase photo competition for 2014!!

Mr F from Shropshire took some pictures of his model 76 glass spiral staircase we supplied him and was frankly an unanimous winner.  He will receive the lastest iPad early next week for his efforts – many thanks and well done.

Coming second was Mr M from Devon who captured the floating style of his timber WF staircase in solid oak and a Kindle Fire has already been posted.

This is a competition we run every year, open to all our customer over the 12 months.  If you need a feature staircase please get in touch and you can enter next years competition.  The last two winners are shown below –

Staircase Competition Winner 2013

Staircase Competition Winner 2012



Homebuilding & Renovating Review

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show finished last Sunday and some of us have just had the first two days off in 12!!  We returned with aching limbs but with a sack load of enquiries.

As it was a last minute decision to exhibit, our stand was a little smaller than we would have liked but it was great to be there and have a presence at one of the largest selfbuild shows in the UK.

32000 people filtered through the three halls at the NEC over the four days and we were kept constantly busy.  Those with refurbishments in planning or on site flocked to the stand.

The last week has been spent sifting through the enquiries and allocating the ‘to be done’ quotations to the sales team.

Next show will be again be at the NEC – Grand Designs Live in October.

Ed Butler – Cycling Sensation

Regardless of the weather, each morning Ed Butler leaves his car in the garage, shuns the option of public transport and  cycles the 12 miles to work.   This has always impressed everyone in the office who frankly aren’t fully functional first thing in the morning.

For the past few months Ed has been training for an 70 mile race in South Africa, a race he completed a few Sundays ago.  After battles with ferocious headwinds and horrific inclines, he completed the course in a tad over 4 hours!!

Ed – we would all like to congratulate you on your achievement.  Well done!!

Bespoke Staircase London

A follow up to an earlier post of our ‘Bespoke Staircase London’ project.  The project finished in February and we now have some pictures of the final result – and they look truly stunning!!

The project consisted of 4 separate flights of bespoke staircases from our Model 500 range.  Each model had 100mm thick chunky oak treads which were treated to match the colour of the flooring used throughout and frameless glass balustrade.

Please click here for a google sketch up 3-D view of the three quarter turn flights on this project with which you can pivot, zoom and fly around the staircases.

These staircases were supplied to a construction firm but we also supply direct to the end user.  If you are looking for something similar, a wow factor modern staircase for your new build or refurbishment – please get in touch for a quotation.

You can email us plans at info@completestairsystems.co.uk or call the office directly on 01794 522444.


The Model 500 staircase is a bespoke model and is made to suit the opening and the individuals specification.  Whilst the structure is the same for each model, each staircase supplied is unique with the type of balustrade, tread type, colour and configuration all chosen by the client.  Use the links below to see some other variations of the model 500 staircase.

Bespoke Staircase Hertfordshire

Bespoke Staircase Guildford

Bespoke Staircase Weymouth

Bespoke Staircase Chiswick


Homebuilding Show - free tickets

Homebuilding Show Update

Free Tickets for all!!!

Homebuilding Show - free tickets

We have  200 free entry tickets to this month’s Home Building & Renovating show and we need to shift them.

Click on the picture below above or email  info@completestairsystems.co.uk  or indeed call us on 01794 522444.  I think entry is around £12 per person otherwise.

The show starts 27th March and runs for four days.  You will find us on stand D112, a new and upgraded size and location from our previous  J116 stand.

Homebuilding Show 2014

We look forward to seeing you there.

Homebuilding Show 2014

Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2014

We have just made the decision to sign up for a last minute stand at next months Homebuilding & Renovating show at the NEC.

This runs from 27th-30th March and we will be armed with brochures on stand J116. We have only signed up for a 4 x 1m stand so we wont be taking any displays but it does give us a presence at one of the Uk’s biggest self build shows.  Come along and have a chat about your staircase requirements.

Click the box below to order your free tickets for the show and we look forward to seeing you there.

Homebuilding Show 2014

Staircase Photo Competition 2014

Our annual staircase photo competition has been launched.

Every February we contact all our customers from the last year and ask them for photographs of the stairs we supplied.     To spice things up we offer he give the winner a free Ipad and to second place a Kindle colour (cant recall the precise model name).  Every entrant receives a USB stick.  The winner is decided by an local professional photographer.

Above are a few early entries which nicely set the tone.


If you are a current customer – please forward your pictures are forward to info@completestairsystems.co.uk the same email in the letter we sent you. The letter only went out to 70 people, so if you have a good camera and have an eye for a photo, your odds of winner are pretty good.

If you are not a customer yet, you could well be in a position to enter the staircase photo competition next year.  Forward any plans you have to info@completestairsystems.co.uk or pop into the showroom in Romsey (Hampshire) for a chat about what we can do for you.


Spiral Staircase Balham


Last year we supplied six spiral staircases to a developer who was constructing a row of new build properties in Balham, London.

Four of these spiral flights were for external use to provide access to the garden from the basement, and two were internal.

One of the internal flights is featured here –  a 1500mm diameter model 71 spiral with solid oak treads and stainless steel spindles.  This is a bespoke model which is made specifically for the floor to floor height required.  The goings (depth of each step) and position and shape of the top platform is designed for the property in question to ensure the entry and exit point of the spiral staircase tallies up with the flow of the building.   This is critical with spiral staircases and is addressed and studied with every project.  All measurements on this project were taken by Complete Stair Systems.

Please have a look at other Model 71 spiral staircase projects below.  The model remains one of our most popular spirals and being bespoke, can be supplied in a variety of different balustrade types and timber options.

Spiral Staircase Nottingham – Model 71

Spiral Staircase Aberdeen – Model 71

Spiral Staircase Gloucester – Model 71

Spiral Staircase Ayrshire – Model 71


We have both the vertical spindle option and curved acrylic panel option of this spiral on display in our showroom in Romsey, Hants.  Call for an appointment on 01794 522444


The Living Staircase

The Living Staircase designed by Paul Cocksedge.

Complete Stair Systems have long been preaching that a staircase is not simply a structure to provide  access to an upper level but an opportunity to make a stunning statement.  A custom made staircase specifically designed for the immediate environment and the individual user is exactly what we strive to achieve.   A staircase that actually enhances your living experience.

The pictures featured show a design concept helical staircase from designer Paul Cocksedge.  He was commissioned to design a central feature for a state-of-the-art new office development in Soho, London.  He realised that removing the centre column from a spiral staircase  would create a large circular void in the middle and he came up with the idea of filling this space with platforms which would act as ‘social places’ for staff to congregate.

“The Living Staircase is actually a combination of staircase and room, of movement and stillness, vertical and horizontal”, said Cocksedge.  “At every turn there is an opportunity to stop and look, smell, read, write, talk, meet, think, and rest. If a staircase is essentially about going from A to B, there is now a whole world living and breathing in the space between the two,” he added.

Well, hats off to you Paul for a truly inspiration design – we might sneak a trip up to Soho ourselves to take a peak when its built.


Sorry – no – we cant offer this I’m afraid.  It is a tad too bespoke for us.  You can however have a look at our conventional spiral staircases and send us an enquiry for a price.



Open Staircase

Open Staircase – Bath


Open Staircase

A picture of a stunning, modern and open staircase supplied to a property developer in Bath.

The staircase is our floating WF structure which only has a wall stringer.  With no stringer on the exposed side, an extremely open and light effect is achieve with the treads appearing to cantilever from the wall and float in mid air!  The WF open staircase is a very popular design for those looking to open up a hall way and allow the passage of light.

This particular model was constructed with Oak parquet timber, brushed stainless steel spindles to the stair and laminated glass panel on the landing.

This staircase was supplied a couple of years ago to a specialist property company in Wiltshire and we received the attached photo this week when they place another order for another WF open staircase.  Same specification only a mirror image.

The WF staircase is available as a straight flight, quarter turn (as featured) and a half turn flight and can be supplied in widths up to 1100mm.  As the timber is structural it can only be produced in hardwood with beech, oak, walnut and ash being the most popular.

Have a look at the links below for further examples of the stunning WF open staircase.

WF Open Staircase – Market Harborough

WF Open Staircase – Aberdeen

WF Open Staircase – Ringwood

We have the WF staircase on display in our showroom in Romsey.  Call 01794 522444 to book an appointment to have a look at the system and to discuss your project.