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It’s always great to see pictures of our completed staircase projects, but it’s even better to see them alongside what they looked like before! We’ve collected a few of our favourites to share with you all, to show what’s possible and the impact a new staircase can have.

1. Stair Replacement  – Ashurst, New Forest


Old timber staircase
Old timber staircase



The client lived in a beautiful cottage right on the edge of the New Forest national park and needed more light and open feel to her downstairs living space.  Replacing the existing chunky pine structure with a modern and stylish ‘Essential’ staircase certainly did the trick with light streaming through the glass and brightening up the property.

2. Large Domestic Refurbishment – Walton on Thames


Old staircase before being replaced


Modern timber tread straight flight stair


This example shows how effective opting for open risers on a staircase can be.  Just look at how dark and foreboding the previous structure appeared compared with its replacement.  Of course the risers were designed to meet current regulations with the gap not more than 100mm.

3. Replacement Spiral Staircase Watford


Spiral stair in Watford before replacement


New replacement spiral staircase in Watford


We were called in to replace a very dated spiral staircase for a graphic design firm just outside Watford.  The existing structure was very old and moved despite the addition of several support legs which had been fitted.  We replaced it with a white powder coated spiral with a stainless steel handrail and oak treads – which was solid and looked fantastic.

4. Domestic Refurbishment – Winchester


Top view of an older timber staircase before replacement


Modern staircase going down


Quite often when replacing a stair as part of a refurbishment we are asked to have a look at altering the shape and configuration to make better use of the space.  This isn’t always possible because the existing stair has generally been specified a certain way by the architect / designer when it was originally installed.  With this project however we were able to  flip the rotation to make better use of the hallway downstairs and ease access to the new front door.

5. Stair Replacement – Bromley, Kent


An old carpeted staircase before transformation



The main reason people approach us to replace their existing staircase is to modernise the look and feel of the flight and their entrance hall.  This project in Bromley is a perfect example of how a new stair, in a lighter and more open design, can transform and modernise a hallway.

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