Kya Space Saving Staircase

The Kya Space Saving Staircase is specially made model with paddle steps to save space.  They are cut in a way to reduces the footprint of the stair so that it take up less space.  The stair is supported by an interlocking steel spine which can be adjusted to form a straight flight or a curve.   UK building regulations state a space saving stair should really be installed in a straight flight, so if considering a curve – check with your building inspector.

The Kya is a modern way to access a loft or mezzanine or anywhere that requires occasional access.

The standard kit arrives with 12 risers which is suitable for most heights but further steps can be added to the order if required.

Have a look at the layouts below and fill in the form for a price.

Treads 40mm  Beech
Stair Width
Balustrade horizontal wires
Smooth Polyurethane – coloured to match treads
Tread Type
Alternator  – Paddles shaped treads
Finish of Steel
 Powder Coated Pearl Grey, White or Black

Kit Staircase Timber Stains

Finish of Timber
Natural Beech or stained Dark Walnut

Kit Stair Timber Stains

Riser Bars to reduce riser gap
Kya riser bars
Additional Landing Balustrade Kits can be ordered
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks from order


Download Kit Stair Brochure

Kit Stair Brochure

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Kya Fitting Book

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