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Floating Staircase

Our WF  floating staircase is a cantilevered timber stair uniquely crafted in a light and open design. Constructed with one wall stringer leaving the treads floating, maximising the passage of light.

For strength it is produced in solid hardwood with beech, oak and ash being the  most popular.  It works with a specially made handrail which acts as the  ‘stringer’ support on the open floating side.  The spindles screw up into the handrail allowing the treads to hover in position and  create the wonderful open and light feel.

This floating staircase is custom made with the height, timber, going and shape unique to each model supplied.  Full drawings are prepared for each project before production.

Below is a little  more information about the staircase complete with a gallery with inspirational pictures.  We also have a  contact form which can be used to request a quick quotation for your WF floating staircase.


This floating stair is custom made as a straight flight, quarter turn or half turn.  The opening in the floor (stairwell) and location of any doors / windows will determine the shape of the  staircase and will be drawn to suit.


Straight Flight


Quarter Turn


Half Turn

Tread Options 

The WF staircase is supplied with 42mm solid timber treads and wall stringer.  This model needs to be constructed in hardwood for strength.  As standard the  timber  is formed with laminated blocks spanning the entire width glued together against the grain for strength and rigidity.  With some timbers there is also an option to opt for the ‘parquet’ option.  This option is still produced with solid timber  but with much smaller blocks – very much like a parquet floor.  This option is cheaper to produce an offers a large saving over the standard construction method.

Generally the timber is supplied factory finished oiled or with a natural lacquer varnish finish.  They can also be supplied ‘RAW’ for finishing by others.



Standard Features

For stability and regulation compliance there are several features included with every floating staircase.


42mm Treads and Stringer

For stability the stair is produced with 42mm treads as standard.  Thicker options are available.


160 x 42mm or 80 x 80mm newels

Many opt for the 160 x 42mm profile newel to match the handrail but by choosing the 80 x 80mm newel a post top can be selected.


Stainless or Timber Spindles

The spindles can be supplied in brushed or polished stainless steel or powder coated to a RAL colour.  They can also be supplied in the same timber as the staircase.


Mini Riser infills

To keep the gap between the treads less than 100mm these separate mini risers are supplied.


Factory Finished

All our standard come pre finished in the factory.  Either with a water based matt lacquer or oiled.  They can also be left ‘RAW’ for finishing by others.

Optional Features

To further personalise your custom floating staircase we offer the  following options to enhance your staircase.


Non  Slip Nosing

There are two options to add a non slip effect to the front of the treads.  We have embedded stainless steel strips which sit 0.5mm proud of the tread or the milling option with two groves cut into the  front of each step.


L Shaped  Downstands

Instead of the standard mini riser which is supplied there is the option to upgrade to the integrated L shaped downstand.  This reduces the gap between the treads whilst giving the impression of the thicker tread from the front and creating a nice L shaped profile from the side.


Landing Balustrade

Most customer require some matching landing balustrade at the top of the staircase.  This is normally supplied with matching spindles or can be supplied with glass infill panels.


Curved Corner Handrail

A stunning option which is available with the quarter and half turn flights is the curved handrail.  This adds a lovely swooping twist at the turn which is a real design statement.

WF Floating  Staircase Gallery

All 83 /500 - Quarter Turn 0 /500 Half Turn 0 /500 Straight Flight 0 /76 - Acrylic Treads 0 /76 - Curved Panels 0 /76 - Spindles 0 /76-Glass Treads 0 /76-Horizontal Rails 0 /Ash Treads - 71 0 /Beech Treads - 71 0 /cm - Oak Treads 0 /cm- Beech Treads 0 /cm- Steel Handrail 0 /cm-Curved Balustrade Panels 0 /cm-External Stringer 0 /cm-Glass Treads 0 /cm-Horizontal Rails 0 /cm-Maple Treads 0 /cm-Stainless Steel Handrail 0 /cm-Steel Treads 0 /cm-Timber handrail 0 /cm-Vertical Spindles 0 /cm-Walnut Treads 0 /Curved Acrylic Panels - 71 0 /Curved Glass Panels - 71 0 /Download our Staircase Brochure 0 /ex - Galvanised 0 /ex - Galvanised & Powder Coated 0 /Genius - Horizontal wires/rails 0 /Genius - Vertical Spindles 0 /Genius Riser Bar 0 /Genius Stair - Horizontal Balustrade 0 /Genius Stair- Vertical Balustrade 0 /Horizontal Rails - 71 0 /Kit Stair Website 0 /ks - Horizontal Rails 0 /ks - Outdoor 0 /ks - Steel Steps 0 /ks - Vertical Spindles 0 /ks - Wooden Steps 0 /ks- Indoor 0 /Maple Treads - 71 0 /Oak Treads - 71 0 /Pained Steel Spindles - 71 0 /Painted Centre Column - 71 0 /Spiral Staircase Gloucester 0 /Spiral Staircase Shropshire 0 /Stainless Centre Column - 71 0 /Stainless Handrail - 71 0 /Stainless Spindles - 71 0 /Timber Centre Column - 71 0 /Timber Handrail - 71 0 /Timber Spindles - 71 0 /timber staircase 0 /View our Timber Stair Website 0 /Visit our Staircase Showroom 0 /WF - Ash 6 /WF - Beech 9 /WF - curved handrail 40 /WF - Half Turn 16 /WF - landing balustrade 12 /WF - Oak 63 /WF - Quarter Turn 50 /WF - Straight Flight 7 /WF - Walnut 4
Floating Stair 39
Floating Stair 63
Floating Stair 33
Floating Stair 23
Floating Stair 36
Floating Stair 50
Floating Stair 43
Floating Stair 19
Floating Stair 4
Floating Stair 6
Floating Stair 14
Floating Stair 27
Floating Stair 15
Floating Stair 30
Floating Stair 55
Floating Stair 48
Floating Stair 12
Floating Stair 16
Floating Stair 21
Floating Stair 24
Floating Stair 83
Floating Stair 17
Floating Stair 75
Floating Stair 61
Floating Stair 20
Floating Stair 64
Floating Stair 1
Floating Stair 9
Floating Stair 45
Floating Stair 76
Floating Stair 73
Floating Stair 22
Floating Stair 18
Floating Stair 46
Floating Stair 67
Floating Stair 5
Floating Stair 52
Floating Stair 70
Floating Stair 74
Floating Stair 84
Floating Stair 40
Floating Stair 72
Floating Stair 69
Floating Stair 42
Floating Stair 56
Floating Stair 71
Floating Stair 3
Floating Stair 58
Floating Stair 35
Floating Stair 38
Floating Stair 60
Floating Stair 78
Floating Stair 25
Floating Stair 34
Floating Stair 57
Floating Stair 11
Floating Stair 13
Floating Stair 66
Floating Stair 10
Floating Stair 8
Floating Stair 77
Floating Stair 49
Floating Stair 80
Floating Stair 3
Floating Stair 37
Floating Stair 44
Floating Stair 81
Floating Stair 59
Floating Stair 47
Floating Stair 41
Floating Stair 54
Floating Stair 53
Floating Stair 79
Floating Stair 32
Floating Stair 28
Floating Stair 68
Floating Stair 62
Floating Stair 82
Floating Stair 7
Floating Stair 51
Floating Stair 65
Floating Stair 26
Floating Stair 29

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