Model 500 Staircase

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Model 500 Staircase

Our Model 500 staircase is a modern flight formed with steel stringers and timber treads.  It is an open flight designed to be the centre piece in a room /hallway and is fully custom made to the required height.   Many opt for the frameless glass panels to the side of the  stair which further enhance the transparent properties of the  stair.   The steel stringers which run either side of the staircase are supplied either as a flat plate or with a zig-zag effect on the top or both top and bottom for a very slick and stylish style.  Given the  strength of steel they are only 10mm thick so the stair provides more useable tread space when compared with a conventional stair.
The treads are supplied in any hardwood with oak, beech and walnut being the most popular and the balustrade generally consists of glass panels either fixed between stainless newels or bolted directly to the side of the steel stringer.
The steel-work is generally powder coated to a RAL colour, or supplied in brushed stainless steel. Treads are often treated with a matt-lacquer finish in the factory, or are sometime oiled depending on our client preference.
This is a custom-made product and each project is carefully drawn before manufacture. The height, shape, going and width of each flight is unique – the ultimate modern staircase.
The focus of design is on modern and light styles, with many models supplied with open risers and minimalist materials in an attempt to make the staircase as transparent as possible.
Below is a breakdown of the options and a full gallery showing the product in action.  We also have a useful contact form which can be filled in for a quick quotation.


The stair is made to measure so can be produced to a number of different configurations.  It is the floor to floor height and the available stairwell size that will determine the correct shape of staircase.


Straight Flight

Quarter Turn with Winders

Quarter Turn with Platform

Half Turn with Winders

Half Turn with Platform

Tread Options 

The model 500 staircase has 50mm timber treads.  These span the entire width of the flight so need to be constructed in hardwood for strength.  These treads are formed from horizontal laminated blocks of solid timber to prevent movement and increase rigidity.   They are supplied with a natural lacquer varnish finish or oiled in the factory.  They can also be supplied ‘RAW’ for finishing by others.

Stringer Shapes

There are three standard stringer shapes for this staircase and there is no cost difference between them.  These are normally powder coated to a RAL colour or supplied in stainless steel.

Model 500 Steel Stringers

Zig zag top / flat bottom

Zig Zag top and bottom

Flat top and bottom


There are a number of handrail options to compliment the staircase.  These are often slotted over a glass panel or supplied wall mounted.

Brushed Stainless Tube

Polished Stainless Tube

Circular Timber

Square Timber

Square Steel Tube

Balustrade Infill Options

Whilst the frameless glass option remains the favourite there are several other forms of balustrade on the model 500 staircase.  Matching balustrade can be supplied around the stairwell opening for safety.

Riser Infill Options

To conform to regulations in the UK, the gap between the steps must be no larger than 100mm.  This is to prevent small children falling through the back of the step.   Below are the riser infill options – the majority of which maintain a gap to enhance the passage of light.

Riser infill options

Timber Down-stand

Double thickness treads

Steel Riser Bars

Glass mini risers

Integrated Closed Riser

Model 500 Staircase Gallery

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Model 500 Staircase


Model 500 Staircase


Model 500 Staircase