Modern Staircase Winchester

Case Study – Model 500

The architect involved with this new build in Winchester had specified a Model 500 staircase for a separate project a couple of years previously so was keen to work with us again.  Our client was passed our details and called to set up a meeting in the showroom to discuss options.

As can be seen from the drawings, a very large entrance hall was being created and a striking feature staircase was needed.  Given the large windows which were planned for the front, it was imperative that the stair enabled the  passage of light.

Our client was  keen on the  model 500 system with the slim line steel stringer, timber treads and frameless glass balustrade.  She opted for the zig zag top and bottom stringers with treads and handrail in beech.  To ensure building regulation compliance we introduced a beech downstand to the front of the treads which not only reduced the gap between the treads to less than 1000mm but also gave the impression of the thicker tread when ascending.

The client contact us when all was complete and we visited and took these great pictures.  The setting for the stair really was perfect. The staircase was right shape and the stair materials blended beautifully with the surrounding features of the hall.

New Build Staircase

The model 500 staircase is custom made for each project.  Whilst the structure or steel stringers and timber treads the height, configuration and materials are all unique for each stair.  The setting dictates the floor to floor height and layout of the staircase and the client picks the species and finish of the timber.  The client also choose the shape of the stringer and the RAL colour it should be finished.  Frameless glass balustrade as featured on this project is the most popular balustrade choice but we do offer spindles and horizontal rails as an alternative.

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Modern Staircase Winchester Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2742mm
Risers 14 @ 195.8mm
Stair Configuration Quarter Turn with platform
Tread Width 950mm
Tread Type 50mm beech with downstand
Balustrade Type 17.5mm laminated glass panels
Handrail 50mm Ø beech
Stringers zig zag top and bottom
Finish of Steel RAL 7016
Additional 2m Landing Balustrade

Comment on Modern Staircase Winchester –  Model 500 from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"The finished result was truly fantastic. I think we were there an hour taking the pictures - we couldn’t get enough!! "

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