Mas Staircase

The Mas Staircase is a very modern kit staircase with a special interlocking steel spine.  The spine is shaped to give the impression of a continuous  spine running down the middle of the staircase.  This spine provides the support for the beech or oak treads.  The balustrade to the side of the staircase consists of either vertical steel spindles, horizontal bars or horizontal wires.

The standard kit comes with 14 risers, in a tread width of 750mm or 850mm and with balustrade to one side.  The stair can form a straight flight, quarter turn or half turn and additional balustrade can be purchase for part or all of the second side.

Landing balustrade in a matching design can be added for any protection required around the stairwell opening.  Riser bars can be purchased to reduce the gap between the treads.

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Treads 40mm  Beech or Oak
Stair Widths
750mm, 850mm
Balustrade vertical spindles, horizontal bar/horizontal wire
Steel, Timber, PVC
Straight flight, Quarter turn, Half Turn
Finish of Steel
 Powder Coated Iron Grey, White or Black


Finish of Timber
Natural varnish, Bleached, light walnut stain, slate black stain
Riser Bars to reduce riser gap
Additional Landing Balustrade Kits can be ordered
Delivery Time 3-4 weeks from order

Mas Staircase

Beech Finishes


Oak Finishes


Standard 14 riser kit or add additional steps


Mas Staircase Layouts


030 Balustrade Fitting Guide


050 Bar Balustrade Guide


050 Wire Fitting Guide


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