How much does a spiral staircase cost?

Given the large range of spirals we offer and the huge variance of shapes and sizes each project is priced individually. The number of variables would create a huge and complicated price list so we have prepared this guide to provide an indication of cost involved with a spiral staircase.

The cost of a spiral staircase varies depending on three crucial elements –

  • the diameter
  • The floor to floor height
  • The materials

The larger the diameter, the higher the floor height and the more diverse the materials – the more you would expect to pay.


There are several pre-packed adjustable kit spiral stairs on the market which are very economically priced, but they are only supplied in certain diameters and the material options are limited.

A steel tread 1400mm kit for example spanning a standard floor to floor height of 2600mm would cost around £1100 ex vat. By comparison, a higher end kit system with oak treads and handrail would cost around £2500 ex vat.

Kit spiral staircases generally have a maximum outside diameter of 1600mm meaning they are only suitable as secondary access within a dwelling.


Custom made spirals are completely different and given the huge range of materials can vary dramatically in price. Each custom spiral needs to be drawn specifically for the application with each element of the stair made uniquely for the project.

An entry level steel structure spiral staircase with a 1600mm diameter and 13 risers (2600mm height) would be in the region of £3700 plus vat. A spiral with the same measures but with glass treads and curved glass balustrade would around £13000 plus vat – so quite a difference.


Based on the popular materials we supply please see the list below for a summary of prices. These are based on 13 riser flight which would suit most UK houses. Prices are ex vat but include delivery.  Please note that these a guide prices only.