Spiral Staircase Monmouth

Case Study – Model 71

The model 71 spiral staircase is a custom made model. It terms of materials, most customers select the brushed stainless steel centre column and spindles.  It is possible however to have these powder coated to any colour in the factory.  Our client here decided them to keep things clean and simple and go for white.  This creates a great contrast with the oak treads and handrail he selected.

This model was acting as a secondary stair within the house so only needed to be 1500mm dimeter.  It was actually replacing an old rusted metal spiral which was now unsafe.

Our client was based in a valley in lush green countryside and had three large dogs.  With these pets in mind, we decided to add a couple of non slip groves to the  nosing of each tread – just to make life a little better easier for our furry friends.

Replacement Spiral Staircase

The model 71 spiral staircase is custom made.  This means each flight is made specifically to the  clients material choice and property.  It is manufactured to a precise floor to floor height and diameter and the rotation / entry and exit point can be altered to suit.  This is why they are always drawn before production too ensure the spiral will work and has sufficient headroom.

We have a page dedicated t the model 71 spiral and you can view it using the link below.  For a price, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


Spiral Staircase Monmouth Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2670mm
Risers 13 @ 205.3mm
Spiral Diameter 1500mm
Clear Tread Width 610mm
Tread Type 40mm Oak
Balustrade Type 16mm Ø Steel Spindles
Handrail 50mm Ø Oak
Centre Column Powder Coated White Barrels
Finish of Steel Powder Coated White
Additional Non slip groves cut into each tread

Comment on Spiral Staircase Monmouth – Model 71 from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"This was a secondary spiral staircase going up to a living room above the garage. The customer went with powder coated steel to match the kitchen and the non slip tread groves added a safety element for his dogs!"

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