Modern Staircase London

Our client was refurbishing an old building and required two half turn staircases running one above another in a large stairwell.

Double Flight Staircase

There was a modern feel to the refurbishment so a staircase reflecting this was needed to span the three floors.  We supplied our model 500 which consists of powder coated steel stringers, timber treads and glass balustrade.  These particular staircases had half platforms (1900 x 900mm) located in the middle of each flight formed from solid oak, just like the treads.  The passage of light was important so glass was a must for the balustrade.  This was constructed with frame-less glass with the glass bolted directly to the side of the steel stringers – removing the requirement for any newel posts.   The risers were infill with small glass risers, keeping things light and open whilst conforming with the regulations.  Landing balustrade was supplied around the stair void for protection which was shaped to suit.

This is a bespoke product and this ‘Modern Staircase London’ was designed and build specifically for our client.  If you would like a price for a similar model please fill in the form below.

Modern Staircase London- Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 2742mm
Risers 14 @ 195.8mm with a large mid platform
Stair Width 800mm
Stringers 10mm steel
Tread Type 40mm Oak
Balustrade Type 17.5mm laminated glass panels
Handrail 50mm  Oak
Riser Infill glass infills
Finish of Steel Powder coated white
Additional 3m matching landing balustrade with apron

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Comment on Modern Staircase London from Complete Stair Systems

Ed Butler

Project Manager

"When replacing a staircase in an old dwelling, building in tolerance to the new flight is essential. The walls are never flat or straight in an older property and the angles of openings are rarely 90 degrees so it is good practice to factor in some tolerance to the measurements to allow for this "

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