Get Your Staircase Delivered Before Christmas

With the year speeding past before our very eyes, we have the annual factory shutdown to now consider.  The production facilities close each year for a week over the Christmas and new year period.

Things tend to bottleneck slightly before the holiday, so we like to view the shutdown as a two week block.  Given many of our staircase come from mainland Europe we also have to consider transport delays and weather complications affecting the stair deliveries.

Therefore each year, to avoid disappointing any customers, we give a cut off date in early October by which we require drawing approval and can still guarantee pre-Xmas delivery.  In 2018, this date is 5th October.

This deadline is specific to several of our custom made models like the model 76, model 500 and WF floating staircases. Orders can of course be placed after this date but we can no longer confidently assure pre-Xmas delivery.

Please be aware that this date of the 5th October is when we need the drawings approved for production.  If you haven’t yet placed you order – please contact the office so we can start the drawing process.


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