Spiral Staircase Essex

Our client was undertaking a modern project that required a contemporary spiral staircase. 

There was a large window to one side of the spiral so ensuring the ‘passage of light’ was essential. 

Glass Treads

Along with the client we designed a striking sweeping spiral with an external stringer and laminated glass treads.  To ensure building regulation compliance the stair had 20mm diameter stainless steel spindles and a stainless steel handrail. 

This balustrading was continued around the void at first floor level.  The structural steelwork was powder coated jet black.

This is a bespoke product which is drawn precisely prior to manufacture.  If you would like a price for your very own ‘spiral staircase Essex’,  please complete the form below.

Bespoke Spiral Staircase Essex - Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 3200mm
Risers 17 @ 188.2mm
Spiral Diameter 2200mm
Clear Tread Width 900mm
Tread Type 30mm Laminated Glass
Balustrade Type 20mm Ø Stainless Spindles
Handrail 42,4mm Ø Stainless Steel
Column Handrail 42,4mm Ø Stainless Steel
External Stringer 300 x 8mm Steel plate stringer
Additional 8m matching landing balustrade
Bespoke Spiral Staircase - Health Spa Berkshire
Complete Stair Systems

Comment on Bespoke Spiral Staircase – Essex from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"Light from above was the key with this spiral and right from the original enquiry we were going down the glass treads route. The customer wanted something a little more substanial than a standard domestic spiral staircase so we increased the diameter and introduced an external stringer."

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