Spiral Staircase Whitechapel, London

This spiral staircase was supplied to a domestic client in Whitechapel, London.  Our customer had an upper floor flat and wanted direct access to the roof to be able to use the outdoor space more frequently.

Walnut Spiral Stair

A beautiful curved glass block wall was constructed to the rear of the spiral staircase which really highlighted it as a feature.  The spiral itself was a 1500mm diameter flight to ensure we had 600mm clear tread width to meet regulations.  Our client wanted a light and open feel to the flight so curved acrylic infill panels were supplied, wrapping around the spiral. Treads and handrail were constructed in a really rich walnut which contrasted well with the brushed stainless steel centre column and posts.

This spiral staircase is our model 71 system which is bespoke flight, suitable as a secondary or primary spiral within a dwelling.  The timber is available in any hardwood and the balustrade is generally made up of vertical stainless spindles, horizontal stainless bars or curved glass or acrylic panels.

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Spiral Staircase Whitechapel, London- Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 3765mm
Risers 16 @ 218.5mm
Spiral Diameter 1500mm
Clear Tread Width 620mm
Tread Type 40mm Walnut
Balustrade Type 8mm curved acrylic panels
Handrail 37,7mm Ø Stainless Steel
Centre Column 139mm Ø – stainless steel
Finish of Steel Stainless Steel
Additional horizontal bar wrapping the spiral to reduce gap
Spiral Staircase Aberdeen - Model 71
Spiral Staircase Nottingham - Model 71
Spiral Staircase Poole - Model 71

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Comment on Spiral Staircase Whitechapel, London from Complete Stair Systems

Ed Butler

Project Manager

"Unusually with spiral staircases, this stair had to have a fixed entry and exit point, dictated to us by the building. Normally , only the upper exit point or the entry point below have to be in a certain place. The fact it was also a high floor to floor height caused us a few issues during the drawing stage but a successful outcome was reached "

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