Spiral Staircase Portsmouth

Case Study Model 76

Our customer was constructed in new dwelling in the hills above Cosham, Portsmouth.  Space was tight and the main access into the building was through a driveway that entered an enclosed basement.  The basement was huge and enough for several cars as well as an office and a gym.

In a circular hole in the floor a spiral staircase was required to access the main living space on the ground floor.  Given there was no natural light in the basement, the model 76 with its transparent treads seemed the obviously solution.  It also fitted in with the style of the property – very modern and sleek.

In additional to the glass treads, the client chose to have the curved glass panels around the spiral staircase enhancing its light appearance.   We created a stainless steel former which sat around the opening providing a seem-less finish from spiral to floor.  Matching landing balustrade was supplied around the opening upstairs.

Curved Glass Panels

The model 76 spiral staircase is a fully custom made product – produced for each customer individually.  Each differs in terms of height, rotation and materials and not two sold are the same.

In this project for instance half of the exit point n the basement was enclosed so the position of tread one dictated the rest of the flight.  We also had to make sure there enough headroom to actually get on the flight so he tread goings were altered accordingly.

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Spiral Staircase Portsmouth Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2500mm
Risers 12 @ 208.3mm
Spiral Diameter 1300mm
Clear Tread Width 550mm
Tread Type 30mm laminated glass
Balustrade Type 8mm curved glass panels
Handrail 37,7mm Ø Stainless Steel
Centre Column 139mm Ø
Finish of Steel brushed stainless steel
Additional Stainless riser bars to reduce gap

Comment on Spiral Staircase Portsmouth – Model 76 from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"The stainless steel fascia piece really looked fantastic in the end - especially as the opening in the floor wasn’t a true circle. "

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