Spiral Staircase Oxford

We were commissioned to supply a double flight bespoke spiral staircase for a client undertaking a large refurbishment.  They were to be classed as the main stairs in the property so we needed a 800mm clear tread width thus 1800mm diameter to comply.  The client wanted a fairly  basic and functional design but was keen to have a petal shaped tread detail.  The stair was supplied with beech treads on a steel plate with simple vertical steel spindles.  We supplied some additional landing balustrade at each level and there was a large square platform at first and second floors.

Spiral Staircase Oxford - Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 2 x 2742mm
Risers 14 @ 195.8mm
Spiral Diameter 1800mm
Clear Tread Width 800mm
Tread Type 30mm Beech on steel plate
Balustrade Type Vertical 10mm steel spindles
Handrail 42mm Ø Steel
Centre Column 140mm Ø
Finish of Steel Powder Coated
Additional Landing Balustrade to match

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