Spiral Staircase Isle of Skye

This stunning spiral staircase Isle of Skye project was shipped as part of a barn conversion for a young family.  Oak was the predominant feature so was the obvious choice for the treads.

Enclosed Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase was to be enclosed, on site, by a curved stud wall which was to be build around the spiral once installed.  To this was fixed our powder coated steel wall handrail.  Risers were fully enclosed with 20mm solid oak and all the steelwork was powder coated RAL 9004.

This type of bespoke spiral is fully custom made.  with the clear tread width (800mm on this project), the rotation and angle of the treads all decided during the drawing stage.  The spiral structure on these models is always he same but is then customised with the choice of treads, handrail, balustrade type and finish of steel.  Each model supplied is a ‘one off’, unique feature for your home.

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Spiral Staircase Isle of Skye- Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height2550mm
Risers13 risers
Spiral Diameter1900mm
Clear Tread Width800mm
Tread Type30mm Oak
Riser Type20mm Oak
Handrail42,4mm Ø Steel
Finish of steel
Powder Coated RAL 9004
Finish of TimberMatt Laquer
Additionalenlarged platform

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