Spiral Staircase Bath

Three bespoke external spiral staircase were supplied to a property developer building three new houses in Bath.  Each spiral was accessing a balcony.

Galvanised spiral staircase

Each flight was a simple galvanised spiral staircase with non slip perforated steel treads but what made it a little more interesting was that the centre column had to support one corner of the platform.  We discarded the usual top platform and welded two flanges to the centre column which then were bolted directly to he existing balcony platform.

The spiral staircase had vertical steel spindles and a steel tubular handrail.  Each balcony had frameless glass balustrade for an open an transparent look.

This product is a very cost effective bespoke solution.  Fully drawings are prepared for each spiral produced to check entry and exit point are correct and that the headroom is sufficient.  There are several tread options to choose from and the steelwork can be powder coated to any colour if required.

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Spiral Staircase Bath - Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height2865mm
Risers14 @ 204.6mm
Spiral Diameter1800mm
Clear Tread Width800mm
Tread TypeNon Slip Perforated steel
Balustrade Type10mm Ø Vertical Steel spindles
Handrail33.7mm Ø Steel
Steel FinishFully Galvanised
100mm Gap RuleSpecial enlarged tread plates
AdditionalFrameless glass balustrade
Complete Stair Systems

Comment on Spiral Staircase Bath from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Project Manager

"Two of these spirals were supplied anticlockwise and one clockwise. Each flight had to support the existing balcony platform so the flanges on the centre column had to be carefully sized and placed to line up with the balcony fixing"

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