Replacement Staircase

When it comes to a replacement staircase, it usually comes down to the following reasons: you’re renovating your hall and you need a new stair to match, or it’s getting on a bit and becoming a little rickety in it’s old age. It could even be a combination of both.

What to Consider

Here are some helpful pointers to think about when it comes to the process of replacing your staircase

  • To do things correctly, the existing flight needs to be removed first and all walls made good, plastered and painted before the new flight arrives. You can always get a temporary flight fitted if there waiting involved (Howdens Joinery for example offer an off-the-shelf straight flight for £120).
  • The opening in the floor above dictates the shape of the stair and how steep the stair ascends. A staircase is generally too steep because the opening in the floor above is to small. Unless you are increasing the stairwell size, the steepness of the stair is likely to stay the same. The staircase itself could be made larger, but you would most likely have headroom problems when using.
  • Given the age of many properties in the UK, most staircases don’t conform with modern day building regulations. Building control are generally understanding of this and are often happy with a like for like replacement of an older stair in terms of steepness/headroom, etc.
  • Quite often, replacing completely represents a stitch in time.  Cladding an existing flight might give a few more years use, but if the sub structure is sub-standard then it will have to be replacement eventually.

Give us a call on 01794 522444 if you are looking to replace that drab old staircase with something that allows the passage of light and becomes a real statement in your hallway.

What to Replace Your Staircase With

So where to start with your replacement staircase? You can look through our website and see if any designs jump out at you, from our collection of spiral staircase designs, to a floating style timber staircase.

Let us know the photo/project you have spotted on our site, then tell us the floor to floor height of the existing flight (counting the number of current treads will suffice for a quote), and the shape of the stair (straight / quarter / half turn).

A quick photo of the existing staircase will give us this information. A picture from the top and the bottom of the stair would be great. Email this to and we will get a quote prepared. You don’t need to get anyone over to give you a quote.

Replacement Staircase Examples

A lot of staircases we’ve supplied are to customers who are replacing their stair, so we’ve got a few to show you in this post where you can see the old staircase and the replacement we’ve supplied.








Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve seen a staircase on this post that you’d like to talk about, or have a project you’d like to discuss with us, then please get in contact with us now.

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