Bespoke Timber Staircase Dumfries

We supplied this timber staircase for a large loft conversion in Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway. As it was serving as access to several bedrooms in the new loft space, the staircase had to have a clear tread width of 900mm- which was quite large for a loft stair. These were dictated by the Scottish regulations which also required a wall handrail. Both these stipulations were met by our WF floating timber staircase although it meant the new upper stair in the property was larger than the existing flight downstairs!! This timber staircase was constructed with Oak treads with a white wall stringer to further emphasise the floating feel of the cantilevered treads. It had stainless steel spindles to the exposed sides which were continued around the stairwell opening at landing level.

 Loft Staircase

The WF staircase is our most open, floating bespoke timber staircase.  It has no stringer to the internal side so the treads appear to hover in mid air allowing the light to pass through.  This works with a specially designed handrail that has a steel core.  The spindles screw up into this handrail and the treads ‘load’ is therefore transferred to the handrail then to the newels top and bottom.  The WF is available as a straight flight, quarter turn or half turn depending on the location of walls.

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Bespoke Timber Staircase Dumfries - Technical Specifications

Support Structure
WF open Stair design
Floor to floor height 2638mm
Treads 42mm Oak
Stringers 42mm White wall stringer
Balustrade Type 13mm Ø Stainless Steel Spindles
Handrail 150 x 42mm
Newel Posts 150 x 42mm
Finish of Timber
Additional Curved corner handrail and landing balustrade

Timber Options

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