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    Revolutionary range of spiral staircases bridging the gap between kit and bespoke.

Genius Spiral Staircase

The custom made kit staircase

The revolutionary Genius Spiral Staircase range offers consumers the adaptability of a kit staircase with a vast number of material and balustrade choices.

Kit staircases are associated with a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach which is largely accurate.  To ensure they are shipped quickly, they often are only produced in one timber and perhaps the steelwork is only available in a couple of colours.   The Genius has managed to bridge the gap between the kit spiral stair market and the custom made models.

Its core structure is based on a kit system with an adjustable riser height and the spiral stair can still be assembled clockwise or anticlockwise.   The Genius range offers a timber handrail, three different timbers, 7 balustrade types and a huge number of ‘standard’ stains for the timber and colours for the steelwork.  It is also available in 6 diameters and is supplied in around 3-4 weeks from order.

The Genius spiral stairs offers the best quality to price ratio of any our spiral stairs staircases and is a regular favourite with our clients from home-owners, architects and developers alike.

See the full range of options below.



Timbers – Treads and Handrail

Natural Beech


Beech stain options

Natural Oak


Oak stain options

Natural Ash


Ash stain options

Brushed Ash Available

Brushed Oak Available

Steel or Timber Centre Column Barrels


Balustrade Infill Options

Horizontal rails and powder coated posts

Vertical 20mm x 20mm steel spindles

Vertical 20mm diameter steel spindles

Vertical 28mm diameter steel spindles

Genius Spiral Stair 040

Horizontal rails and aluminium posts

genius spiral 050

Horizontal polished steel rails

Horizontal brushed steel rails

Vertical Timber spindles

Steel Finishes

010 |020 | 030 | 030A | 050 | 050A | 070

White (RAL 9010), Chrome, Coppery Black, Iron Grey, Grey (RAL 9006)

050 | 050A only

Satin Nickel Plated

050 only

Polished Stainless Steel

030A | 050 | 050A | 070

Cool White (RAL 9003), Grey (RAL 7039), Grey (RAL 7030), Grey (RAL 7016), Corten, Green (RAL 6033), Green (RAL 6011), Salmon Pink (RAL 3022), Violet (RAL 4007), Wine Red (RAL 3005), Black (RAL 9005)

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