Spiral Staircase Romsey

Case Study Model 70

A client local to us was renovating their existing barn conversion and needed to replace the existing bulky half turn staircase.

The spiral was to access a walkway spanning between the study and the bedrooms. After many discussions with the client and builder it was agreed to opt of a mix between contemporary (to tie in with the new kitchen. Lighting and flooring downstairs) and traditional )to blend in with the existing oak beams on show.

The model 70 spiral staircase was selected with solid oak treads, centre column and handrail. We changed the spindles to brushed stainless steel to match the new landing balustrade we also supplied. This balustrade protected either side of the walkway and was constructed with brushed stainless posts and toughened glass infill panels.

Hardwood Spiral Staircase

The model 71 spiral staircase is a custom made model.  This client for example selected oak centre column barrels and stainless steel spindles.  Each model sold is personalised to the client requirements in terms of materials and finishes and of course is made specifically for the property.  Each model is drawn carefully to ensure the entry and exit points work and there is sufficient headroom clearance.

This property had a angled ceiling so we had to set the top platform one step down from the finished floor level too achieve the headroom required.

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Spiral Staircase Romsey Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 3205mm
Risers 15 @ 214mm
Spiral Diameter 1900mm
Tread Type
50mm Oak
Riser Infill Special L shaped treads
Balustrade Type 20mm Ø Stainless Steel Spindles
Handrail 50mm Ø Oak
Centre Column Oak Barrels
Finish of Timber Oiled
Additional 10m glass landing balustrade supplied

Comment on Spiral Staircase – Romsey Model 70 from Complete Stair Systems

Ed Butler

Project Manager

"As our customer was very local (5 mins away) we worked very closely together for the entire duration of the project. She was also due to give birth so we were on a strict deadline to get the spiral on site before the new arrival. It all worked out well and I even helped with the install which occurred a week before a healthy baby girl was born!"

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