Spiral Staircase Gloucester 

Case Study – Model 71

Two model 71 spiral staircases were supplied to a developer converting some barns into high spec dwellings.

Both models were requited to access a small room in the eaves which could become a bedroom or study.  The spiral staircases were supplied with oak treads and handrail with brushed stainless steel column and spindles.  The exit downstairs on both spirals was crucial as they followed a curved wall and the first tread could not protrude too far forward.

Barn Spiral Staircase

The model 71 spiral stair is a custom made flight available with a choice of balustrade infills and timbers.

The handrail and newel posts on the Model 71 spiral staircase are made in timber or steel to match the other elements. Finish of the steel tends to be brushed stainless although we can offer polished stainless or a powder coated finish. The timber is oiled, varnished or stained in the factory and sometime left untreated to be stained on site.

Each Model 71 spiral staircase supplied in unique. Each is carefully drawn to ensure the correct entry and exit point and sufficient headroom clearance. The system can accommodate a number of differently shaped platforms and the spiral is available in diameters up to 2200mm. For a price for your own model 71 ‘spiral staircase Gloucester’ – please fill out the form below.

You an also have a closer look at the model 71 spiral stair page on the link below.


Spiral Staircase Gloucester Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2500mm
Risers 12 @ 208.3mm
Spiral Diameter 1300mm
Clear Tread Width 550mm
Tread Type 40mm Oak
Balustrade Type 16mm Ø Stainless Steel Spindles
Handrail 50mm Ø Oak
Centre Column Stainless Barrels
Finish of Steel Brushed Stainless
Additional Landing Balustrade to both spirals

Comment on Spiral Staircase Gloucester  – Model 71 from Complete Stair Systems

Ed Butler

Project Manager

"Entry and Exit point on the curved wall spiral were a little tricky whilst maintaining the headroom under the treads upon exit. The second spiral had to exit in a certain position as there was a sloping roof above. Some fantastic pictures! "

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