Bespoke Spiral Staircase Manchester

Our client was renovating a property and required a feature secondary spiral staircase to access a bedroom.

New Spiral Staircase

As it was the centre piece of the room it needed to stand out whilst still being in keeping with its surroundings.

To maintain the light/dark effect used throughout the property the treads and handrail were constructed in Wenge and the steel tread supports and centre column were powder coated black.

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Bespoke Spiral Staircase Manchester - Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height2520mm
Risers13 @ 193.8mm
Spiral Diameter1400mm
Clear Tread Width588mm
Tread Type30mm Wenge
Balustrade Type 10mm Ø Vertical Steel Spindles
Handrail42mm Ø Wenge
Finsih of SteelPowder Coated Black
Landing Balustrade
1100mm supplied to match spiral
AdditionalSpecial ‘Boxed’ in steps
Complete Stair Systems

Comment on Bespoke Spiral Staircase – Manchester from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"This spiral staircase was supplied to a property company building a property to the individual who invented the disposable barbeque. As the spiral was located beneath a sloping roof we had to supply a small triangular platform, which moved the spiral towards the floor - to ensure we had sufficient headroom on the spiral staircase”

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