Spiral Staircase Bromley

Case Study -Model 76

Our client was a specialist developer converting a duplex apartment in Bromley, Kent.

Their client was a single gentleman with high specification demands.  The developer told us about all the mod cons being included in the property and a top-of-the-range spiral stair was also required to link the levels.

The model 76 was selected but instead of the popular stainless steel elements, the steelwork was powder coated black.  The homeowner was keen to keep all fixtures light or dark.  The spiral was made with glass treads and curved acrylic panels around the side.  These acrylic panels had a slight tint to them as requested.

Spiral Stair Options

Model 76 Spiral Staircase is a custom made model with the options of glass or acrylic treads.   Each model supplied is unique, specially made to suit the given floor to floor height and required diameter.

With all custom made spiral staircases it is crucially important to ensure the entry and exit points are correct.  The angle of each step, the number of steps and the shape and size of the platform can all influence this. And of course this model can be made in a clockwise assent or anticlockwise.

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Spiral Staircase Bronley

Spiral Staircase Bromley Technical Specification

Floor to floor height 2610mm
Risers 13 @ 200.7mm
Spiral Diameter 1500mm
Clear Tread Width 610mm
Tread Type 30mm Laminated Glass
Balustrade Type 8mm tinted curved acrylic panels
Handrail 37,7mm Ø  Steel
Centre Column 139mm Ø
Finish of Steel Powder Coated Black
Additional Landing Balustrade around opening

Comment on Spiral Staircase Bromley – Model 76 from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"This was a real bachelor’s pad with all the mod cons throughout. All that was missing was a state of the art spiral staircase accessing the upper bedroom!"

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