Bespoke Spiral Staircase Oxford

For this spiral staircase project we were specified by the architect in the early stages. By the time the order was placed by the contractor we had full studied the drawings and knew the specification required.

The client required an unusual shaped spiral staircase to access their loft conversion.

This bespoke spiral staircase was a little different.  Firstly it involved a straight flight run before the spiral staircase itself.  Second – this straight section could only be supported on one side so we created an I beam bolted directly another beam at floor level with the treads cantilevering directly from this.  The third unusl element was that the centre column could only be bolted to the side of the floor so we had to weld a large plate to the bottom of the column for fastening into the joists.

The client wants to keep it light an open so frosted glass treads were specified along with some large frameless glass sections of balustrade around the openings.

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Staircase Case Sudy

Bespoke Spiral Staircase Oxford- Technical Specifications

Floor to floor height 2482mm
Risers 12 @ 206mm
Spiral Diameter 1650mm
Clear Tread Width 726mm
Tread Type 30mm Laminted Glass (Frosted)
Balustrade Type 10mm Ø Steel Spindles
Handrail 37,7mm Ø Stainless Steel
Centre Column 139mm Ø bolted to edge of floor
Finish of Steel Powder Coated
Additional Frameless glass panels for protection

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Comment on Bespoke Spiral Staircase – Oxford from Complete Stair Systems

Nick Rackham

Sales Manager

"This was an ambitious staircase with so many factors to consider. Going straight to spiral is always interesting, cantilevering the straight flight was a learning curve and bolting the centre column to the side of the floor wasn’t something we had done previously. All good fun!!"

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